About Us

The Canada Chain Commerce and Culture Association (CCCA) is a non-profit business association dedicated in promoting international business, investment and cultural exchange.​

Our Mission

To Create, Develop and Promote the platform of learning and exchange of talented youth and children performers. To promote cultural exchange, media interlink, and philanthropic activities for the community.

We will continue to promote international business, investment and culture exchange too. Throughout the years, the association has hosted various business events and cultural exchange visits to develop international cooperation. providing Chinese and Canadian companies engaging in two-way trade and investment business with services including market intelligence and consultation, business partner match-making, investment project recommendation, and arrangement of business visits.

With media platforms established in China, North America, Europe and Southeast Asian countries, CCCA advocates cultural exchange between communities of diverse ethnic groups, which will enable the mainstream society and the younger generation of overseas Chinese in Canada to understand the essence of the traditional culture of diverse ethnic groups. CCCA also advocates building a stage for mutual learning and exchange for young talents of different ethnic groups to promote multicultural integration, media exchange, and to actively participate in charitable activities to contribute to the community.

The Canada Chain Commerce and Culture Association (CCCA) will continue to take the role of the cultural ambassador with plans to organize and stage many more activities to promote global cultural interaction and philanthropy and international business leads.